About Us

At Estomedic, we value the long-term relationships we establish with our customers—we ultimately become virtual extensions of their own organizations.

Mission Statement

Estomedic’s mission is to serve our community by meeting the needs of patients, hospitals, and members for safe, high quality blood products and related services.

Vision Statement

Estomedic is committed to accomplishing its mission and meeting the challenges of the future by:

  • Anticipating and responding to customer needs.
  • Seeking opportunities for continuous improvement.
  • Building trust between the organization, its membership, and the community.
  • Providing education which enhances the understanding of transfusion medicine and the need for blood.
  • Enhancing the quality, efficiency, and effectiveness of the organization through teamwork.
  • Providing a work environment where individuals are valued and their contributions are recognized.

Our Goal

Estomedic is a forum of volunteers. Our aim is to motivate people towards blood donation. And to provide an online platform all over the World, so that people can easily manage the required blood from Online Blood Bank.